EdeM is a platform that allows educators to create online courses on their favorite subjects. Unlike other education apps, EdeM not only covers the educational aspect, but it also has a number of other activities that are carried out based on the student's or one's personal interest in soft skill training.

We spread knowledge around the world.

It includes additional training that may include teamwork, improved social skills, and critical thinking, which are all vital and useful extracurricular activities to highlight in resume and other programs such as arts and music, etc.

Who benefits from Edem?

  • Students~Learn education at your own speed online. Begin today to enhance your skills. Choose the best tutor for you. There are several themes, skill levels, and languages to choose from.View popular courses. Experts from the real world
  • Professionals ~Teamwork. Teams that work effectively together are more productive, meet deadlines, establish bonds among team members, and exchange expertise.
  •  Tutors~ Online education allows instructors to work from the convenience of their own homes, making it a more comfortable and flexible atmosphere. Teachers can prepare for their classes quickly and easily. Teachers can also spend more time with their families and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Institutions ~It assists physical institutions in connecting students to online or distance learning that occurs online, via the Internet. It is also known as e-learning or electronic learning. Distance learning, which includes online learning, is any sort of educational course that takes place over a physical distance rather than in a typical classroom.


We think that everyone has the ability to be extraordinary. and that there is a better way to bring out the best in them.

We know it because we have lived it. We've had the privilege of training more people than anyone else. With strong cloud-based solutions and unrivaled enterprise-wide smarts and skills, we help democratize learning.

We're continually changing, just like our clients, to ensure that individuals, teams, and organizations have exactly what they need to unleash their edge.

The Best Highlights of EdeM

1. Video Integration

Each lesson includes a video that can be seen on full screen.

2. Customizable User Roles

System administrators can assign such user roles as teacher and admin.

2. Customizable User Roles

System administrators can assign such user roles as teacher and admin.

3. Integrated Payment

The payment process is secured and carried out by a third party system.

4. Integrated Messaging

The student can reach a teacher during the whole process with any questions.

5. Responsive Layout

The platform looks good not only on desktop but also on smartphone,tablet.

6. Instructor’s Room

The Instructor can review the task,accept or decline it with comments.

7. Promo codes

As an additional incentive to buy more courses to promo code functionality was introduced

8. Webinar Module

This module allows Promoting courses,webinars are free for all the platform users.

9. Student’s class Room

Student can study the material and then submit the task for review

10. Different Lessons Formats

There are two types of online courses,standard and express,and user can register for an offline courses

Learning to make a difference in people's lives

You've come to the perfect location if you want to study or contribute your knowledge. We link individuals via information as a global online learning destination.

EdeM bridges the gap between education and extracurricular activities that connect professionals and various institutions across the world.

Resolution of problems, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, time management, etc. Relationships between people.The Link Between Extracurricular Activities and Soft Skill.

What do we learn from EdeM?

  • Ideas
  • Public speaking skills
  • Life Skills
  • Personal Growth
  • Career Growth

Privileges of EdeM

Millions of students have access to thousands of courses created by independent instructors. Udemy provides people and companies with access to training courses, as well as a platform for teachers and experts to host their own course content.