The grobiz SAAS based Software Solution is suitable for all sizes of grocery stores, such as small, medium, and large supermarkets. With your customized website and mobile applications, you can provide your clients with a fresh and interesting grocery shopping experience. Join with DaieFresh to obtain more benefits for your grocery delivery company while also saving money on your dream business of online grocery delivery for your stores.

Why do retailers require grobiz?

Because of their nature, such goods may tackle common problems while saving considerable resources. Businesses adore the prospect:

  • To put the thing into action quickly;
  • Not to purchase extra equipment or software on-site;
  • Not to consider supporting the solution and to use regularly updated versions;
  • To cover all the linear processes and optimize the staff effort.

This is only the beginning. True, the larger the system, the less software as a Service can fulfill and cover its processes. Unfortunately, a seller cannot take into account the unique characteristics of each user. In any case, Software-as-a-Service offerings may handle the following fundamental retail areas:

  • Management of transaction and tax reporting (POS);
  • financial and legal assistance (ERP);
  • interplay with clients (CRM);
  • assortment administration
  • logistics;
  • Partnerships etc.

App and System for Grocery SAAS:(Fultter icons needed)

Grobiz provides a one-stop solution for online Grocery Shops Delivery businesses. This startup package includes an eCommerce website, a grocery mobile app, a delivery app, a vendor app, and a grocery CMS dashboard with three different roles: Owner/Manager SuperAdmin


Order Tracking in Real Time.

Customers may follow their order in real-time location before delivery with the use of a DaileFresh app.


Delivery Management

To ensure on-time delivery, the Delivery Management Admin can track all grocery deliveries from start to finish.


Price Management

Vendors can set a price for each grocery item, adding to your grocery store margin.


Handling of Discounts

Grocery shop operators increase their sales by offering in-app deals and discounts on grocery delivery apps.


Analytics Admin Panel

Provides real-time statistics and financial earnings to all business owners.


Promotional Codes

Admin can plan to spend less on marketing and get more leads with in-app promotion.

What does it contain in the Grobiz SAAS Package?

  • User App
  • Delivery App
  • Vendor app
  • Web app
  • Dashboards ( Admin, Owner, Manager roles )
  • Application program Interface
  • Third Party API integration



Simple Sign-Up Procedure

Signing in and signing up must be simple for users. Furthermore, providing choices such as sign up with Google, Facebook, and others might make it more easy for consumer


Order Administration

A SaaS-based grocery delivery app solution must have capabilities that allow users to personalize their order before completing the final payment through the app.


Tracking in Real Time

Customers must be able to follow their orders in real time using the solution's live tracking capability. The live tracking function will keep clients informed about the status of their orders.


Inventory Control

The solution should also aid the business owner by assisting them in managing item availability by confirming stock at a particular moment.


Payment Gateway Security

A stable financial flow is required for the development of a monthly subscription-based grocery app. To support commercial payments, the payment gateway must be completely secure.



The admin panel allows business owners to gain insights into real-time metrics and revenues. They can then devise and implement appropriate tactics.

grobiz Customized Store app

  • Categories base product listing
  • Add to cart product items
  • Order history
  • Offers, coupons, and taxes applied
  • Search
  • Filter
  • Banners
  • Manage Address and Checkout features
  • Online store locator using your mobile device
  • Reorder

Grobiz Vendor App Features

  • Getting order information
  • Accepting the order request
  • Orders management
  • Access sales and charts

Grobiz SAAS Dashboard (Admin, Owner, Manager)

  • Manage your products.
  • Manage your delivery
  • Manage your products categories
  • Manage your product Subcategories
  • Manage your offers
  • Realtime notification on new orders
  • Selling Report and graphs.
  • Manage your orders by changing to different status such as approve, cancel, on the way, etc, and assigning to the delivery boy
  • Manage Coupons
  • Chat between manager and owner
  • Manage Various settings such as Working Hours, Delivery Info and Tags
  • Staff Management