Foode is a meal delivery service that connects you with popular restaurants that serve tasty cuisine while adhering to best-in-class safety standards. This allows you to have faith in the meal you enjoy so much. Foode, on the other hand, is a promise that guarantees 100% safety and sanitation in every mouthful you take.

Every hunger was met!

We believe that good food is a basic human right. And since you are what you eat, why not consume just nice things?


"Bringing good food into your daily life." That is our goal.That means we don't just deliver; we bring it, going above and beyond to make your experience memorable.

"And that implies that this is excellent food that you can eat every day; anything you crave, we can provide."

What's Unique about Foode?

"Foode presents the confluence of convenience and dependability to individuals in a hurry. Foode allows consumers to plan an order ahead of time. Customers can place their orders up to an hour before the chosen delivery window and up to a week in advance.

Foode's objective is to "make eating well effortless, anytime, for anyone." How do we make it "effortless" for diners to select the perfect restaurant or foods for their preferences?

What's Unique about Foode?

Connecting Diners to the Best in the City Restaurant-Dineout Booking

Foode Dineout was established for people who enjoy discovering new restaurants with the best food. We always on our best to give you the experience for new dining and fascinating cuisines as a group of This love and passion for eating and exploring is what inspired us to build Foode.

Introducing Contactless Dining- A Simple Step for Making the Dining Experience Safer and More Efficient

  • Contactless Menu
  • Contactless Order
  • Contactless Pay

Foode offers various core features that bridge the gap between the customer and the restaurant for a seamless process.

We focus our support on three key groups: independent restaurants, our drivers, and the customers we serve. Through this work, we increase our market competitiveness, attract and retain top talent, and demonstrate to our customers how we support their restaurant neighbors and the communities in which they live.

How does the Foode App serve the community?

The solution that can be interconnected

  • Food Orders
  • Table Reservations
  • Dineout POS
  • Automatic Payments
  • Homepage
  • Digital Gift Cards