SmatKart bridges the gap between conventional brick-and-mortar retail and current e-commerce using cutting-edge computer vision technologies and an emphasis on buying. Take command of your retail front-end with India's first self-scanning software and profit from the greatest self-service checkout technology.

Mobile self-checkout apps in brick-and-mortar stores allow customers to scan items as they shop and place them in the bagging area where they want to buy them. They can then use the app to buy their desired items when they have finished shopping for the day. This app makes shopping easier by allowing customers to scan, pay, pick up, and leave with their items in only a few minutes.

A smatkart is a cart that allows customers to buy items without the assistance of staff members, thereby improving the customer experience by providing real-time data about the items in stock. It can also be used in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Scan Pay Go is a retail technology that allows customers to scan the barcodes of all products, add items, place them in a shopping cart, pay with their mobile phone, and leave the store without having to wait in long lines at checkout stations. Customers can shop and pay alone, bypassing lines, which compensates for labor shortages and helps stores keep track of customer data.

How Smatkart works?

Download the app, create an account, scan while shopping, bag right away, view the total with discounts, pay in the app, skip long queues – smooth check-out!

Why use Smatkart?

Smatkart is commonly used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, and it has received considerable public acceptability.

  • Customers prefer to use the app when they simply have a few items in their bag, when checkout lines are long, or when they are pressed for time.
  • Customers all across the world have indicated that they rely on it for quick and easy purchasing.

Smatkart improves consumers' buying experiences by providing a personalised and convenient point-of-sale system that can be readily loaded on a mobile device. Customers may use the app to quickly search for and locate the things they require.