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  • grobiz-SaaS based Retail Solution
  • Smart Kart -Easy Scan ,Quick pay and Save Time
  • ViCom-Seamless blend of live and virtual shopping experiences
  • revgro- counters and Multi Shop can be operated and viewed in real time.
  • Workdesk-Project Management - Efficient Work Management Tool
  • Qdel-Assigns and manages deliveries efficiently.
7 Foode – On Demand Food Deliveries & Logistics Solution
8 EdeM – Empowering Through Education – Skill Development
9 Medizto – Medicines, Lab, Video Consultation & Health Services
10 Dailefresh - Ecommerce & SaaS based Retail

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Remote Working

Food Ordering,
Reservations POS & Delivery

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Marika Arvelid

Marika Arvelid

Head of Digital Empowerment Strategy & Engagement

Retention Change

1Empowering Governments For being No. 1 State in digitizing Citizens Health Records

2Creating Registries for Trauma, Pregnant Women Heart Disease, Cardio Research etc.

3Screening the Health Symptoms for millions of citizens with referrals, Care & Medicines with AI


3 Digitizing the HealthCare: For Quality Care For a Better Future

Reaching out to the Homes of Citizens ,digitizing their health Records When they seek health support. Health Histories will be viewed for Quality Care.

Establishing Digital

  • Reaching Citizens Homes
  • Creating Health Cards,
  • Digitizing Family Health Records.
  • Integrating with With other Health Provisions for Unified Access

Digital Screening

  • Screening Citizens across various Symptoms,HT, Diabetics, Cancer & Palliative Care
  • Digitally connecting citizens to nearby healthcare centers for treatment
  • Adding additional family members or validating information about the current family

Human Centric

  • Creating Analytics for the control of diseases
  • Follow up with Citizens for provisioning medicines.
  • Health ID’s help citizens avail Quality care anywhere with proper Track of Records

Helping cardiologist to analyze the health data for the quality care for heart diseases

When a patient has persistent ST-segment elevation in two or more anatomically adjacent ECG leads within the context of a consistent clinical history, STEMI is suspected. Biomarkers of the heart support the diagnosis.

Inhibitors of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). These medications relieve blood vessel tension, which lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, and eases heart-related stress.

A commonly treated heart arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, also known as AFib or AF. When the heart beats too slowly, too quickly, or irregularly, it is called an arrhythmia.

Empowering Through EDEm

Effective Training

E-learning Through EdEm
E-learning, which can also contain efficiency information, is an organized course or learning experience given electronically. An e-learning programme can include a wide range of diverse components, including video, quizzes, simulations, games, activities, and other interactive features. Live or pre-recorded lecture content is another option.

Training to Skilled Employees & Govt Sectors
Making sure the participants comprehend the idea of skill development, the different forms of skill development, and the macroeconomic elements that contribute to skill development's impact on the nation's overall economic growth.

Training Soft Skills
Soft talents include endearing personality attributes including self-assurance, optimism, emotional acuity, social elegance, adaptability, friendliness, and proficient communication abilities. Students, teachers, professionals, trainers, leaders, and employers make up the intended audience

360° End-to-End Holistic Retail Solutions To Acquire More Clients

Front End IOS, Android App and Mobile Based Web Pages for an ecommerce activity, Smart Cart for the easy shopping, Geography based dashboard and Deliveries for a quick commerce deliveries. Ecommerce through Video that enables best shopping as well online experience. Fully integrated POS, Inventory, Purchase, and Accounts Management Solution for an effective management of Hyper Marketing to Small Shop.


We see a future in which successful businesses will be the ones that are...



SAAS based Retail solutions offline customer best Smart kart for faster purchase and no wait In the Queue for billing, Region Based dashboard for quick delivery and a delivery app to manage deliveries.



A virtual Shopping experienc from the comfort of your home.customers can exactly Choose and pick the products of their choice and make payment. online and gets delivered home.



Best Inventory Module Every single information is tracked by AI based Analytics for Best Stock Management.



Self check out made easy.And no wait the billing counter. Easy Scan ,Quick pay and Save Time with Smatkart and check out at their convenience.



Quick commerce and deliveries in minutes if Retail business Deliveries efficiently. Manages the resources across multiple Stores, assigns and tracks the movement of deliveries


We see a future in which successful businesses will be the ones that are...



Online ecommerce portal for Medicines, Priscribed products, wellness, Beauty & cosmetic products online. Subscription based options gurantees regular supplies at a discounted price



Online Food ordering App, online table booking app for a No wait at the restaurant, and convenient eating. Gurantee low price compared with other existing market players



Best Education Platform available in the market, offers not only Educational curriculum, but also skill based course offerings And extracurricular talent based courses to improve the skills & Talent



Quick Commerce based Groceries, Fruits & Vegetables Portal Offers geographics based platform that accommodates store partners and delivers the nearby quality products at the doorsteps within Early stipulated times



Efficient employee management that increases productivity Multifold, monitor the tasks on a daily | Weekly & Monthly basis with clear notifications, reminders, and escalation with employee performance metrics.